Old West town - Maya/Photoshop

done in 3D Studio Max

Rubik’s Uncubed mobile game – 3D Level design Maya + Unity

Low poly desserts

Rubik’s Uncubed – mobile game – Level 01

Rubik’s Uncubed – mobile game – Level 03

Rubik’s Uncubed – mobile game – Level 02

Designed for a Boost tv commercial / aired 2012 - modeled in Maya

modeled in Maya 2011

3D rendering of Pachuko Boy's neighborhood v01 / Maya

modeled in maya 2014

Candle characters created for AirWick television commercial concept Maya 2011




The Mighty Land Whale! made with MAYA 2011 & Photoshop

Bear, created in 3D Studio Max _ Children's book character.

Maya 2010

created in 3D Studio Max, for a children's book

Maya 2008

Maya 2008

3D Modeling

done in Maya and/or 3D Studio Max